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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Professional Certification?
Certification as a judgment recovery professional is what separates the 'pros' from the 'amateurs'. Until the advent of the National Judgment Network certification program, absolutely anyone at all could call him or herself a judgment recovery 'expert' and solicit business. Clearly, many of these so-called 'experts' did not possess the knowledge necessary to successfully navigate the legal system. In the absence of any means of certification, the field of the judgment recovery was easily infiltrated by the unqualified. As with many other professions, the business of judgment recovery falls more and more under the scrutiny of the legal profession and the public. The need for a means of testing and certifying practitioners is evident.

What are the qualifications?
First of all you must be a member of National Judgment Network to become certified. To qualify for NJN professional certification members are required to complete a 100 question examination covering all aspects of the judgment recovery business. It is a difficult examination that requires extensive research to complete. The examination also requires that members conduct a number of online public record searches to demonstrate their investigative abilities. In addition to completing the certification examination, members must have a minimum of three months experience as a judgment recovery specialist, and are required to subscribe and adhere to the National Judgment Network Code of Ethics.

Does the examination consist of general questions or is it state-specific?
The general examination required for certification applies to judgment recovery professionals from all states, however, state endorsements may be obtained by completing an additional 20-question examination for each state in which the examinee wishes to qualify. Endorsements for all states are not yet available. They are currently available for: Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington. Examinations for other states are being prepared and will be available soon.

What does it mean to me?
NJN Professional Certification enhances your credibility as a professional and entitles you to display the coveted NJN Certification Seal on your website and promotional materials. It informs the world that you have taken the extra step, and possess a superior knowledge of the judgment recovery business. When placed on your website, the Certification Seal may be clicked to verify its authenticity. This prevents individuals engaged in the business of judicial judgment recovery from displaying the seal unless they have actually met the qualifications.

Who is National Judgment Network?
National Judgment Network, established in 1998, is an organization dedicated exclusively to the business of judicial judgment enforcement. Our membership is comprised of over 5,000 registered judgment enforcement specialists located throughout the country. All members subscribe to the principles of the organization and pledge themselves to the highest ethical standards of business. In May of 2001, National Judgment Network was recognized by The Wall Street Journal as a national organization devoted to the development of professional standards for the judgment recovery industry. Click here to view the article.

Is membership in National Judgment Network required for certification?
Yes, only members of National Judgment Network may take the certification examinations. They are administered online at no cost to the member.

How many times will I be able to take the examination?
There is no limit to the number of times the exam may be taken but it may be taken no more than once in a 24 hour period. Each time you take the exam the questions will be different and presented in a different order. You may continue taking the exams until you achieve certification with the desired endorsements. The examinations are not only a means of testing proficiency, but are learning tools themselves.

How do I study for the examinations?
There are no study materials. The answers to all questions may be found on the World Wide Web. Researching the questions is a fantastic teaching tool. The examinations are difficult! Completing the general examination usually takes from two to four hours and very few individuals pass on their first attempt. On completion you will deserve the status you have earned.

How do I become a member of National Judgment Network?
If you are currently involved in, or wish to enter, the business of judicial judgment recovery -- simply apply. National Judgment Network will provide you with all of the tools and training necessary to conduct business as a certified judgment enforcement professional. If you are already involved in the business of judgment recovery click here for information on a lifetime membership in National Judgment Network. Entrepreneurs interested in entering this exciting field, click here.

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